NewGen Power Kiwinana Pty Ltd


The Kwinana power station takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. We believe that the sustainability of our business requires our committed and consistent management of the environmental impact of our operations.

The new proven technologies used at the Kwinana power station enables us to greatly reduce greenhouse emissions and water usage compared to a conventional power plant.

Emission Control

By using a clean natural gas fuel, the Kwinana power plant reduced its emissions to less than half that of a coal-fired plant. Emissions cannot be completely eliminated, however, we will continuously monitor and endeavour to find a way to further reduce them.

Water Management

Water is a precious resource in a dry country like Australia, particularly in Western Australia. The challenge of practicing water efficiency is a vital issue in the electricity generation industry. The Kwinana power station understands the importance of this valuable resource and practices efficient water management.

Blow-down filtration and recycling system

The Kwinana power station is located on the coast at Cockburn Sound and uses seawater for the cooling process during the electricity generation, rather than consuming fresh water. Boiler Blow-down water is recycled to the water treatment plant. By adopting this recycling method for the plant liquid effluents, the Kwinana power station has succeeded in reducing its daily consumption of fresh water by one third compared to a conventional plant. The system also ensures sustainability of the local ecology by strictly controlling the return of water into Cockburn Sound.